Today we arrived in Dublin where, during the next couple of weeks, we’ll record our sixth studio album. The songs were written by Dan Byron in 2011 as a coherent whole (more on that later!) and recently some songs have found their way into our live setlist – in the past few months you may have heard songs like The Sea, Little by Little, City on Fire or Wall of Shame 🙂

For the recording part, we went to the Windmill Lane Studios, where some groundbreaking albums were recorded in the past few decades (most famous of which being U2’s The Joshua Tree; they do call it “The U2 studio” for a reason, now). We wouldn’t have made it thus far without our wonderful partners’ help – Universal Music Romania, Sony and Datagroup, to whom we express our sincerest gratitude!

And this is not all – the album will be recorded in High Resolution sound, which means a formidable boost in audio quality (when listened to on adequate Hi-Res equipment). Think of the difference between 480p and 1080p, in video terms, and you’ll get an idea 🙂

Anyway, we just entered the studio and we can’t wait to get to work! Expect more and more updates in the coming days. Meanwhile, Dan himself is keeping a journal of sorts on his website (in Romanian), so make sure to check it out.

Wish us luck!

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