Dear all, and especially the people who were expecting to see us live during our German tour, unfortunately we are in the position where we need to cancel the remainder of our dates in the country. We regret that what should have been a reason to celebrate and an opportunity to meet new fans is cut short halfway through. We had a great time so far in Kiel, Hannover, Leipzig, Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin – especially due to the wonderful people we met in the audience!

Unfortunately, behind the scenes it was often not great, our local booking agency having proven to be an unreliable partner and consistently putting us in some rather unpleasant situations. With all things considered, the perspective of continuing the tour for 2 more weeks while having this troubled relationship with the company acting as our booking agency seems to be extremely risky for us, and as such we would prefer to cut our losses while it’s all somewhat manageable. We are keen to be back – and hopefully will do so together with a local partner who is a better fit.

For the gigs in Passau and München all tickets purchased in advance shall be refunded.

Thanks for an amazing time so far, apologies to those of you who were looking forward to seeing us and hope to see you all again as soon as possible!


The byrons

PS: The picture is from the wonderful gig in Berlin at Prachtwerk 🙂 Many thanks to everybody who was there, we had an absolute blast!

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