byron‘s second release features a much more developed sound, the band improving both their songwriting abilities and their studio skills. The fourteen tracks are more focused and to the point, sporting a wider diversity of influences (especially blues, funk and progressive). The album as a whole deals with the process of creation from an artist’s perspective – ranging from madness to zen. In frontman Dan Byron’s words, “The mood is nocturnal, rather intimate, sometimes playful or even exuberant”.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Victor Panfilov at Real Sound & Vision
All songs and lyrics by Dan Byron, except The Song That Never Was by 6fingers
Artwork by 6fingers

Dan Byron – vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, melodica
6fingers – piano, Rhodes, keyboards, accordion
Costin Oprea – electric guitar
Vlady Săteanu – bass
Cristi Mateşan – drums

with: A Quattro String Quartet (René Popescu, Ana Ghiţă, Alexandra Toader, Alex Gorneanu), Petre Ionuţescu (trumpet), Lu Cozma (vocals), Jane D. (vocals), Victor Panfilov.

The Night

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

The night is riding its mares
Filling the air with lost slivers of life;
Its breath is leading you nowhere
Where the inner you is waiting for strife…

Open your eyes, but please,
Don’t interrupt this ride…

The clouds are melting horizons
The world is thirsty but this night is a stream;
I’m up, but I’m not sure I’m awake,
This pastel looks rather like a dream…

Close your eyes, it’s time to disappear,
Undress these useless clothes and shine!
The sky is getting closer this time
Feel the rain shivering down my spine…

The night is swinging its cradles
Singing a perfect tune but not a lullaby.
The moon is hiding behind clouds
Waiting for the right time to climb down from the sky

And I hear you whispering in my ear
That you don’t want the dawn to crumble this dream
And I see your eyes are full of tears
You’re not here right now or that’s how it seems


(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

There’s a lord of the waves
He keeps us entertained and well informed,
He never makes mistakes,
Cause he knows us much better than we do.

We’re so addicted to faith
Every word he says we take as truth,
We are lost in a maze,
Got a wrong map, but such a beautiful view…

Get in line, boy
Just get in line!

Take your new clothes and be yourself
Is this trend or just another uniform?
Just a file on a shelf,
A certain target demanding specific inputs.

There’s a clown juggling our heads,
He has to keep us dizzy and confused
While we are locked in sheds
Waiting for tomorrow’s graze.

Get in line, boy,
Just get in line!

There was a time when we fought for land
Today we resign willingly
There’s a clever guy out there who understands
We’re such an easy game to play…

So, get in line…

Diggin' a Hole

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

I have a white house
A legacy from my dear daddy-o
It has a backyard
A flower garden and a big fat ugly doll – a scarecrow.

I heard some neighbours
Buried their money in their courtyard and now they pretend to be poor
I’ll find some good cause –
I will convince the others they are not secure !

Diggin’ a hole
My ideals are growing down
My goal
Is to make myself a fully black-gold kinky crown

I am a nice guy
I like guns but I will not touch one, don’t be afraid
I have my dogs though
Prepared to shoot your children while they’re drinking their lemonade.

Just put your smile back
I can revoke your damn rights whenever I want
Cause I’ve got a white house
And you’re nothing but a hound dog I can taunt.

Dig a hole, man, dig a- dig a hole !
Dig a hole, man, dig a- dig a hole


(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

On my own it’s kinda scary,
With none of you watching my back.
On my own I have to carry
This awful candle to light the dark…

You’re confused calling me enemy,
Same time asking me to save.
You’ve been told I’m kinda scary
And if you’re against me you should consider yourself brave.

I say the war is over
But it seems you didn’t get it yet,
You carry a revolver
Waiting, waiting for a threat.

On my own looking for answers,
Never pleased, I’m sure there are more.
Same time you dress, you dress like a lancer –
Put your helmet on and try to find the door.

A Little Bit Deranged

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

Down below a thousand pipes
Are pumping comfort to the spines
In and out, exchanging chemistry,
The veins of the city keeping us alive
Like the roots of a tree.

Billions of wires hanging around
Making our living safe and sound,
Hey, Mr. Edison, can you turn on the light?
I’m just a little bit confused
Fumbling in the night.

We’re just evolving
Our animal instincts changed
The funny thing is we are all a little bit deranged.

The fuel is pumped by the heart of my car,
The air waves locked in a radio jar,
Wireless thoughts shared in a long-distance call,
Being so close separates us sometimes
Like an invisible wall.

I Don't Want to Entertain You

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

There are certain things haunting me, pushing me over
As hard as I try, I cannot lie to you or keep you away from them
I’ve got a fucked up mind merchandising our troubles
You say tomorrow we’ll die, so let’s have some fun today

But I certainly don’t want to entertain you…

They say you’re just a point on a graphic scale and I should take you higher,
I should make you forget your day made you upset, convince you everything’s just fine.
They sure want me to be a rock’n’roll brat clinging on the edge of life,
Glamorous shine lifting up your smile – curving your spine

But I certainly don’t want to entertain you,
I certainly don’t want to entertain you …

Right in the middle of this tune was a riddle, but I cannot remember the sentence
I guess I shooed the words – they flew like birds! – and now all my intentions are on this table
Cut and come again till you understand there’s no room for chatter in this place
Blame me, I’m not what you want me to be
And I’m not sorry!

They all sing on the moon and they are all out of tune but that supergiant star reclaims them
And you pay the price – their outfits are nice! – seems your choices are weak-willed and unstable
Cut and come again till you understand there’s no room for chatter in this place
Blame me, I’m not what you want me to be…

Cause I certainly don’t want to entertain you,
I certainly don’t want to entertain you,
Not this way !

A Poem Without an End

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

So many years have passed and you are still here
Watching me struggling for a peaceful night
First I tried to bury your name but it resurfaced
The vowels came out riding the consonants,

I burned all the photographs, all the letters,
I changed my habits, the places I used to go.
Didn’t see your face for a while, I thought I made it,
But one day I called my girl uttering your name
By mistake…

There is one love, one love,
One love we never forget
One love
Every day we try to recreate

Funny, I saw you yesterday – you acted so clumsy,
Trying to be pleasant, asking me to stay…
I figured out it is not you the one who shakes me
But these memories moving under my skin
Like a snake.

I know we’ve had our time – it’s irreversible
We’ve lost that final rhyme – a poem without an end
I know it looks so sad, but what is happiness?
It’s all in our heads – we made this word up
To define a final frontier…

King of Clowns

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

It’s just around the corner,
Walking down the street,
Floating its scent around, but still discreet.
It’s threatening your peace,
Messing around with your life,
Feeding your days with a big-time inner strife.

It starts with a thought,
Then you’re mesmerized
You begin to see the picture in a different light:
Red turns to black
Blue turns to white.

Lying in your rough bed
Taking notes from your dreams
Letters and numbers mixed up in a stream
Head lays in its lap
It caresses your hair
Banishing your filthy, nighty mares.

It’s already here
But you disregard
There are fifty-thousand dogs barking in the yard
Head full of weed
Hands full of heart.

Madness comes like a thief
Your angles turn into curves distorting your beliefs
The angels bow performing your will
You’re the king of clowns

Fastening your seatbelt
Waiting for a sign
Thousands years of waiting in a line
You will be promoted
To a better bed
Swallow your pill and save a piece of bread

You’re already there
But you can’t move at all
Your tuxedo’s tight safekeeping your soul
Head begins to rock
Eyes begin to roll

The Song that Never Was

(music & lyrics: 6fingers)

Bathing in muse juice
Waking my inner god
Setting my soul loose
To embrace the odd

Travel in time on a sound of a rhyme
End of an age at the flip of a page
Birth of a world at the whim of a word

And I see myself bleeding
From the wounds I never knew I had
Questing my soul
In feelings overdose
Leaving behind my real illusion
I am slowly turning slightly mad
Trying to find
The song that never was

Touching the parallels
Squaring circles right
Freezing the nine hells
Breaking the speed of light

Travel in time on a sound of a rhyme
End of an age at the flip of a page
Birth of a world at the whim of a word

Still I am here stranded
On the shores of consciousness
Watching in awe horizons juxtapose
Dipping my sight in pure sensations
I’ll be lost in muse’s warm caress
Humming away
The song that never was


(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

I’m just a sailor on a sea
Full of sirens chasing me
With their deadly song
But I press my knees over my ears
Close my eyes and try to breathe
While I’m singing this tune

So I ride the waves up to the shore
Where a long expected war
Is burning up my memories
But I will command the troops to hide
Take them to the other side
Where no one is waiting for me

Till then I still wage my lonesome fight
Maybe I will lose my mind
My knees are already shakin’
I have to keep focus on this tune
While I’m flying to the moon
Reflecting its light to feel mine

I just want to hear you screaming „Land, ho!”
But you’re acting like a child saying „Eenie meenie miney mo”
It’s alright
I can handle this on my own
It’s alright
I better pray cause here come the stones !

Vitruvian Man

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

Up the mountain, layin’ on ground,
I can feel the Earth spinning round and round
Arms wide open, vitruvian man
I’ve lost direction, free again.

Feel alive to the bone
Feel alive back home
Watching the sky, looking for a key –
Billions of worlds looking back at me…
Had a dream about that
Had a dream, but I forgot…
Unplugging the matter I let you behind,
I told you there is a key I have to find.

The Alchemist

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

Though my dreams are made
From my daily affairs,
I knew you before
We’ve ever met.
I threw a glance at you,
Then you vanished in the air
But you’re running, running in my head…

It’s been a long time now
Since I had that dream
And here you are,
Smiling at me…
I wonder if you’re a song
Or maybe just a theme
Running, running in my head…

I find it hard to carry this burden on my shoulders –
Self-created it celebrates its role.
Don’t like the grin on its face, it makes me feel colder
No control, there is no goal at all

I turned you into sound
But you didn’t get it yet
Trapped on tape
Lost on a shelf
Maybe we’ll meet again
In case I don’t forget
You were running, running in my head

Wonder where’s the lighter
Got a fancy cigar,
Almost done here
With this tune so far…
Wonder if you’re conscious
You’re nothing but a song,
You once were a person,
But you grew up wrong.

Blinded by Sunshine

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

We passed all these years
In a bed made of stairs,
Pissing off the streets with a song,
Fighting with snowballs
We managed to smile –
A statement of trust: “I belong”…

A friendship blinded by sunshine,
Foolish conceit, uptight
The world was supposed to be just fine
At least for a moment it looked alright

We swapped our t-shirts
Instead of a handshake
Creating our own kind of play…
The room was not big
But inside was a world made of
Wax, books and live for today.

A friendship blinded by sunshine,
Foolish conceit, uptight
The world was supposed to be just fine
Not yours or mine

I tried to stare you down but
You didn’t look away
A nice try but the game is over
Now you go that way and I’ll walk this one staring at the sun

A Peaceful Mind

(music & lyrics: Dan Byron)

See the dawn stretching in your eyes with a smile on,
Feel the rain running down your lips
But the sky’s still clear underneath…
I’m in love with your painted sun – just a wall though,
Just a drill for a perfect day
When you’ll scan the skyline and you’ll say:

„Don’t you know I’m right here right now?
Can’t you feel me? This is as real as you can get !
Inside blue sky,
Outside rainy weather;
A peaceful mind,
Not just feeling better.”

Take the spoon, put it in your cup, make a sweet mix,
A little music for a sleepy head,
I hear you humming from my bed.
As if the nature imitates your smile, the rain ends,
A reflection of the shiny world
Makes the smoky air swirl.

Good morning, take a deep breath
The calling of a brand new day fills your chest –
It’s your life running through your veins,
It’s your day and this time it never-ever ends.

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A Kind of Alchemy

Release Date : October 23, 2009
Catalog ref. : 160662-2
Format : CD