The band’s second live DVD and first Blu-ray, filmed in the Turda salt mine in Transylvania, 100m underground. Features a short unplugged set (5 songs) on a salt island in an underground lake, a full (14 songs) electric set in an underground amphitheater, a documentary on the salt mine, band commentary and a making of clip. Special guest: Nicu Alifantis. A TV version of the concert was shown on HBO Romania.

Produced by byron Management & Empire Video Production
With the participation of HBO Romania
Recorded live @ Turda salt mine on November 26 & 27, 2010
Special guest: Nicu Alifantis | Presented by: Marius Florea Vizante
Executive producer: Codruț Dumitrescu | Project manager: 6fingers | Assistant producer: Daniel Avram
Music & lyrics by Dan Byron, except “Ce bine că ești” (music by Nicu Alifantis, lyrics by Nichita Stănescu), “Songul pușcăriașului” (music & lyrics by Nae Caranfil) and “Ochii tăi” (music & lyrics by Alexandru Andrieș)
Mix & master: Victor Panfilov – Real Sound & Vision

Live Underground

Release Date : May 3, 2012
Catalog ref. : 04785
Format : DVD